2. Clinic Interior

BIOFACE is a representative of skin beauty at Gangnam Sinsa Station, a clinic known for its petit and fillers, and is located on the 10th floor of a large building right in front of Exit 4 of Sinsa Station.
The top-of-the-line interior provides comfort to our guests.


3. Start of 10 years
baby face, BIOFACE

ANTI-AGING KNOW-HOW to improve quality of life.
Start of years young face, BIOFACE




Body line

Skin care

4. 96% Recommend

The most reliable recommendation near Korean
Reliable, the BIOFACE

Follow-up care

Latest equipment

Quick treatment



5. 0% Medical malpractice

Medical malparctice number ZERO! A lot of good review!





6. Head doctor Introduction

- Recognized award-winning

JW Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Q.O.Fill filler education doctor
HIFU Lifting Technical Advisory
Seoul National University Hospital Training, Major's
Full member of the Korean Medical Laser Society
Full member of the Korean Society for Skin Hair
Many other members of the Korean Society for Anti-Aging
L&C BIO (KOSDAQ listed corporation) Clinical Advisor


August 2013, Seomyeon Biophace open
April 2014, Q.O.Filll first procedure in Busan Area
May 2015, Centum BIOFACE opened
August 2015, the headquarters of Shinsa BIOFACE Clinic open
September 2016, T.O.Fill Development
January 2018, Obesity Center Open
In October 2018, Thermage FLX introduced, and the 6th floor expanded
February 2019, Introduction of Ulthera Gold
March 2019, Introduction of Body Shrink Wool Fit
In June 2019, the center organization expanded the main building significantly
In July 2019, Liftox research center of Baby face opened
May 2020, First Production of Liftox
March 2021, Transition to the expansion of the Sinsa Station super-station area
March 2021, Homepage Industry's Best Renewal

7. Agencies from more than
20 countries
abroad visited BIOFACE Clinic

In order to access BIOFACE's advanced procedures and
high-tech equipment, such as the United States,
India, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, etc.,
visited BIOFACE like a delegation
from various countries around September, 2023.
This is an unprecedented event in the Korean medical market.

BIOFACE that attracts attention from more than 20 countries abroad!
BIOFACE will continue to be a pioneer in K-Medical.

8. Procedure by Center

1) Face-Line Center
- Botox

Surgery is scary, want to be pretty
Best of Cost-effective Botox!

what changes does
Botox make?

1) Face-Line Center


Q.O.FILL is a procedure that mixes blood growth factors taken from the blood of a fish drinker with existing fillers and lasts longer than a single hyaluronic acid filler and is effective in natural volume, skin elasticity, and skin regeneration.

Volume, elasticity and brightening!

Q.O.FILL's special feature

2) Anti-Aging Center
- Ulthera

It accurately diagnoses according to your face shape and skin thickness

Ulthera is a high-intensity ultrasound lifting laser device that has been certified by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is a HIFU (ultrasonic wave) laser that is effective for collagen regeneration, wrinkle improvement, and skin elasticity by penetrating the fascial layer (SMAS) where it is located.

Skin that wasn't what it used to be,
Let's stop worrying about contour and elasticity!

Ulthera GOLD,
Experience various effects now!

Wrinkle improvement

Improve wrinkles such as sagging cheeks, drooping jawline, double chin, neck wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, eye wrinkles, and smile lines including fine wrinkles

Skin remodeling effect

Improve skin tone, skin texture, and elasticity dark circles through collagen regeneration and production

Lifting effect

Effect after 4 weeks, lasting from 6 months to up to 1 year

2) Anti-Aging Center
- InMode

Lift up even if you receive it once! Completion of skin with volume, InMode

InMode is divided into two different modes, Fx and Forma procedures. The surgeon fully understands the patient's facial contours and skin characteristics, The procedure should be performed to obtain satisfactory results without side effects.

Try 1:1 customized treatment at BIOFACE and feel the effect yourself.

Improve both fat and
elasticity by two modes!

Experience the various effects now!

Wrinkles and skin texture improvement

Improvement of sagging skin including fine wrinkles, around the eyes, and eyelids

Skin remodeling effect

Improvement of overall skin texture through collagen regeneration and production

Long maintenance period

Maintenance and continuous collagen regeneration for a long period of up to 1-2 years

2) Anti-Aging Center
- Oligio

Person having Sensitivity is also possible! Oligio lifting

Oligio is a non-invasive procedure that has been certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and has been verified. By reducing pain with a cooling system and reducing treatment time with auto mode, sensitive skin can also perform fast procedures and daily life.

Oligio treatment process designed and
carried out according to you

Experience the various effects now!

Lifting effect

powerful lifting effect similar to Thermage FLX

Reasonable cost

reasonable and satisfactory cost compared to existing lifting

Possible in daily life

immediate effect allows for daily life right away.

3) Body-Line center
- Body Inmode

Remove only fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue!
BIOFACE Body Inmode

Body Inmode lifting is an effective treatment for improving elasticity,
eliminating unnecessary fat cells, and lifting the skin using a high-frequency laser device of about 43 degrees.
Sequentially pulling the high-frequency energy to the muscle layer, dermis layer, and epidermis layer promotes
the elimination of unnecessary fat cells and lifting, as well as collagen regeneration.

Completion of body-line, body Inmode

Then, what part is Body
InMode effective for?

3) Body-Line center
- Body Thermage

Soft and delicate treatment for tired skin!
BIOFACE Body Thermage
Body Thermage is a procedure that uses genuine body tips from Thermage,
known as an anti-wrinkle device.

It delivers high-frequency energy deep into the dermis
and subcutaneous fat layer in the skin to contract collagen,
restore a wide range of skin elasticity,
and create new collagen, which is an effective procedure
for improving sagging body lines.

Body Thermage, amazing effects

4) Skin-Laser center
- Clarity

Cooling function without anesthesia improves clean and clear skin.

Clarity POINT

It is a complex laser device with two wavelengths, Long Pul se Alexandrite 755nm and Long Pulse Ndiyag 1064nm, and is effective in improving melasma, pigment, blood vessels, redness, and blood flow.

Solve your skin concerns
with five complex modes!

Alex Toning

755nm wavelength to intensively remove only elanin pigment such as melasma, pigmentation, and blemishes

Quattro & Inner Lift

If you want to improve wrinkles and enlarged pores caused by reduced skin elasticity

Genesis Redness Care

If you want to improve facial flushing, capillary dilation, and redness

Ice spot removal

If you want to remove spots while reducing damage to the skin surface

Ice hair removal

If you want to clearly check the hair coming out of the pores while minimizing pain with the cooling system (Equipped with Intelligent Cooling patented technology)


Pladuo laser, also called lightning laser,
works simultaneously to eradicate harmful germs and regenerate skin.

Pladuo effect

We recommend PlaDuo for those who:


5) Hair removal center
- Female hair removal

BIOFACE premium hair removal equipment for comfortable and finished results

We provide safe and effective hair removal procedures using the latest laser equipment.

Maximum hair removal effect with minimal discomfort
BIOFACE female hair removal

Female hair removal POINT

Based on BIOFACE's rich experience and know-how,
we provide professional counseling and hair removal treatment.

BIOFACE premium hair removal equipment for comfortable and finished results

We provide safe and effective hair removal procedures using the latest laser equipment.

Maximum hair removal effect with minimal discomfort
BIOFACE male hair removal

Male hair removal POINT

Based on BIOFACE's rich experience and know-how,
we provide professional counseling and hair removal treatment.

6) There are three types of stem cell injections
: scalp, skin, and intravenous.

Is the name only called stem cell injection?

Real Stem Cells
extracted from your own blood!

Key components extracted from one's own blood
Advanced Stem Cell Extraction Device


separator developed based on world-class technology,
designed to extract and
concentrate a superior quantity of cells
from whole blood and bone marrow.

PRP Injections VS Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell injection procedure

9. BIOFACE Clinic
Signature Procedure
- Liftox

Do you still just do botox?
Now, Liftox fills up the elasticity!

Follow-up care? Of course!
Even Certificate and mileage?

So what kind of changes does Liftox make?


Filler, you know it's good but
You feel pressured because it turns off quickly?

What is special about allogeneic dermal ingredients?
More real than real, natural

Why is T.O.Fill and why is it a premium filler?

10. Photo of the customer
who received the procedure

“Photo of the customer who received the procedure”
This is a photo of a real customer who visited BIOFACE.

11. BIOFACE Celeb

Introducing the proud
celebrity of BIOFACE!

12. Before and after photos

“Before and After Photos”

The effect of Inmode!

It solves fat destruction, contour lines,
and elasticity all at once. before / after treatment

Effects of Liftox!

Eliminate wrinkles with Botox
1 stone 2 sets Liftox that revives the line with lifting!
before / after treatment

Oligio effect!

Wrinkles, double chin, skin texture, tightening, etc.
We solve sagging skin.
before / after treatment

The effect of Rejuran Healer!

improve damaged skin
It creates healthy skin elasticity.
before / after treatment

The effect of violet!

We promise to say goodbye to your face.

A clear effect of contour injection!

before / after treatment

The effect of body Inmode!

before / after treatment

13. BIOFACE located in GangNam,
Head doctor’s treatments receives regularly


14. Handwritten review

A vivid handwritten review that
assures the clear effect of BIOFACE!

(it is translated from Korean into English)

15. Naver Review

Dermatology popular among Koreans!
A vivid review of Naver which is Korea's largest portal site!

16. Membership

Premium Membership Project

Unparalleled success in the industry with unprecedented benefits
Last period extended! Real last credit & benefit bomb!!

BRONZE 1,000,000 Won

SILVER 2,000,000 Won

GOLD 3,000,000 Won

Incredible benefits beyond imagination!

Limited-time, unprecedented benefits in the industry! Contact us right now.

* Membership includes VAT, all treatments VAT excluded
* The above dates / prices / benefits are subject to change without notice
* No double discount

17. Operation information

18. Directions